GW2 New Afterlife For Quaggan, Where is Drooburt?

During Guild Wars 2 Halloween event 2015, you have an achievement: New afterlife for Quaggan.  This achievement requires that you donate 1,000 candy corn to the Quaggan Drooburt.  A question often asked in game is, where is Drooburt?  Well, he is located in Lions arch with all of the other Halloween vendors by the mystic forge/cauldron.

Drooburt's Ghost

The Reward for the achievement is an item that rewards you with 5,000 Karma.

GW2 Elite Specialization Line Unlock Requirement

The new GW2 elite specialization lines will cost exactly 400 Hero points in total to fully unlock, more than the current obtainable hero points, 214.


Quote from Colin of ArenaNet:

It works just like any other training line – except all the skills, traits, skins, abilities, etc. are all inside one full training line that costs 400 points to get everything in the entire line. It costs 60 points to unlock and be able to play as the elite specialization itself.

Currently anyone who has done all the hero points in the world has about half of the entire elite spec line unlocked on day one. Hero challenges in the jungle are worth 10 points each, so you’ll only need to do about 20 hero challenges in the jungle [or via the new WvW system] to have everything related to your elite spec trained.

There are enough hero challenges in the jungle to train your entire elite spec and not do the challenges in core world if you wish – they simply speed you up if you’ve already got them.


And another quote from the forums:

Unlocking your elite spec is a training line in your training panel that costs hero points. You do need to have trained all the existing training lines before you’re allowed to put hero points into your elite spec.If you’ve got all the hero points in the existing game you’ll have enough to train about half the elite specialization training line on launch day. The rest you’ll need to earn in the jungle or via the new system Tyler outlined yesterday from WvW. The number of points to fully train your elite spec is higher than other training lines – but hero challenges in the jungle are worth 10 points each, so it’s not actually as big as it appears.


GW2 Heart of Thorns Twitchcon Map Information

  • For the Floor is Lava adventure, it was originally in Verdant Brink but the location we chosed had too low of a ceiling. When we raised the ceiling to enable for more camera view, we discovered there is actually some Itzel village at the top so we had to move that to another location.
  • Leyline Gliding – Leyline energy throughout Maguuma Jungle connecting various areas and platforms. Normal gliding is not good enough to use that energy. As you level up gliding tiers, you will be able to use the updrafts and at the final tier you will be able to use these Leyline, bump you across quickly across these Leyline energies like water skipping.
  • There are jumping puzzles and other hidden contents you can only get to by gliding. There are loot chests that are literally hanging in midair.
  • Verdant Brink has the day/night cycle meta event, the other 3 maps will have some other meta events that result in huge world bosses like Tequatl or Evolved Jungle Wurm.
  • New maps have hubs where unlocking them will unlock to new contents such as jumping puzzles etc.
  • There are some burrowing chickens hidden somewhere..

GW2 HoT Legendary Precursor Information

Legendary Crafting Mastery (Precursor Crafting)

  • This will give you an account bound precursor. The legendary crafting from precursor to legendary step is not being changed.
  • You will need to unlock the Legendary Crafting Mastery line to be able to purchase these volumes that allow you to start off the precursor crafting collections.You need to progress down the Mastery line to able to get the 2nd vol and third vol etc.
  • Start off with a lore based collection. I.e. For Juggernaut, you go to various giants/statues in Tyria and ponder/kneel in front of them. Basically a world tour of the concept of what a Juggernaut is. Finishing this collection will give you Essence of the Colossal and recipes for first tier-The Colossus. This will allow you to craft a not so splendid version of the precursor which automatically unlocks the second collection.
  • 2nd tier of collection require you to collect materials and currencies from Merchants around Tyria. Each Merchant require you to complete a specific task before giving you the material. The first and third collection are the most distinct for each precursor while the second collection is mostly the same concept but require different items. The second collection ensures that there is a proper gold and time value to each of the precursors to maintain their value in the game.
  • Third tier of collection is more thematic based. For Juggernaut you will need to first build an Ooze Terrarium that will house all the oozes you will need to go and collect. From there you need to go and defeat Oozes around the world to collect oozes and combine them into a Chromatic Ooze. Once you have the Chromatic Ooze, you need to feed it various Ooze type beverages and food to grow that Chromatic Ooze. The final step is taking your well fed Chromatc Ooze take damage in various locations within Tyria to train it.
  • Once you finish the collections you can go and craft each tier of the precursors. Essence of the Colossal is obtained from completing the first collection but crafting other tiers require items you can only get by salving the first tier precursor and 2nd tier etc. Each tier of precursor will have unique new skins you can unlock.
  • For crafting the precursors you will need to do various activities like PvP/WvW as you will need Shards of Glory from PvP and Memories of Battle from WvW.
  • Legendary Inscription recipe was shown as well:
    • 10 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust
    • Orichalcum Plated Dowel
    • 10 Elonian Leather Squares

New Legendary Weapons

  • A livestream will be showcasing the new Legendary weapons sometime between now and HoT launch. New Legendaries and their precursors will be account bound. Legendary backpack/armor will also be account bound so you have to play the content to get them.

GW2 Twitchcon Day 2 Streaming Schedule

Watch live at

Schedule (time in PDT)

  • 10 am PDT – Designing Raids in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
  • Returning to Guild Wars 2
  • “Live at the Crow’s Nest”
  • Making of the Launch Trailer
  • Legendary Journey
  • “A Taste of Tyria” with Jennifer Hale
  • Story Missions
  • Intro to PvP
  • Heart of Thorns Maps
  • Community Showcase Live
  • Voice Acting in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns: Behind the Scenes

GW2 Twitchcon Squad UI and WvW Improvements Information

New Squad User Interface

  • Commanders can set squad or raids from the UI (Raids will be talked tomorrow by Crystal Reid)
  • Squad can be set to open join, closed squad, invite only
  • You can see up to 50 squad members.
  • Ready check for squad
  • You can see squad member’s supplies
  • Profession icons will be shown along with their HP bars. Their HP bar will be greyed out if they are far away.
  • Can also create sub-squads and see sub-squad’s total supply.
  • Commanders can broadcast messages to the entire squad or a subsquad
  • Squad UI will be able to be played on beta weekend 3.

WvW Castle Improvements

  • These are unique to Eternal Battlegrounds – Stonemist
  • Cloaking Waters – Spawn a fountain that you can walk in to gain a 2 minute buff that make you invisible. You can go anywhere on the map with this. There is a 2 minute debuff that prevent you from getting it again immediately.
  • Airship Defense – Bombard both inside and outside the castle. Will do 4 rounds around the castle. The bombardment deals around 10k damage and also deal knockdown.
    • You need to hold the castle for at least 2 hrs. It is on the final tier of the castle tactic improvements Has a long cooldown

GW2 Twitchcon PvP Leagues Information

PvP Season

  • Before every competition season, there will be a balance patch. There is a delay of 2 weeks before the PvP season starts. The season will last for 8 weeks. There are plans for 4 seasons per year.
  • Rewards are distributed at end of the season. Then we will do some fun stuff like tournaments before repeating the pattern.
  • One title every season for Legendary tier players. The titles are permanent. The badges are reset every season and need to be re-earned.

Legendary Backpack

  • Unique backpack to PvP, can be only obtained via PvP. Best players will get it faster than other players but an avid competitive player will be able to get it every year.
  • PvP achievements will give you the components you need for the PvP backpack.
  • You can take off a season and can still get the backpack.
  • Higher divisions give you more currencies to buy the components you need for the backpack. Tier 1/Legendary tier player have enough currency to finish the backpack in two seasons for example.

Guild teams and leaderboard

  • Guild leaderboard is a point system based on ELO. There will be a place where you can check your points and see what other guilds are close to your progress.
  • Certain things will be different on the match if it is guild team vs guild team (i.e. able to place down guild banners, Hugh hinted at Guild Anthems but didn’t say more ).

GW2 Twitchcon Mastery Information

Gliding Mastery

  • One of the raid boss is a huge tongue boss (seen in the raid trailer). There are walls that encircle him. Part of the group split to break off the walls while the rest of the raid engage the boss. After that everyone jump off the platform and glide. Advancements in gliding mastery will allow you to get back to the platform faster.
  • Gliding Mastery is needed in some of the later Heart of Thorns maps and encounter as well so it is advised that you level up this mastery first (according to Mike Z)

Fractal Mastery

  • Unlock additional rewards, new defensive thingies. Play much more important role at higher level fractals in the revised fractal we are introducing with Heart of Thorns.

Gaining Mastery Points

  • Gaining them from adventures at the Silver/Gold tier.
  • Unlock them from specific locations within the Heart of Thorns map.

New Mastery Line

  • New mastery line will be added with the first raid. To unlock this line you will need to go to the raid and kill any boss. You can level this line up via raids or open world but raids give the most XP.
  • Raid boss rewards (including the Mastery XP) are on a weekly lockout so you can’t farm it over and over.