Guild Wars 2 Twisted Marionette Boss Guide

The Twisted Marionette event occurs  in Lornar’s Pass every 2 hours.  You know it’s about to start when a 5-minute timer pops up in the upper right corner of your screen, under the living world event box.  The False River Waypoint is near the event location.


There are 5 different paths, or lanes that must be dealt with in order to be successful.  The players in the map must divide themselves into 5 groups in order to take on the Marionette boss.

The Fight

Each lane has 2 phases.  A tower defense phase, and a mini-boss kill phase.

Phase 1

During the tower defense phase, players must defeat waves of enemies and not let any through to the red barred gates.  If mobs get through the gate, the cannon gets charged.  When it gets full, you fail the event.  Some mobs spawn right next to the gate, so have a few players stand back and guard it.  The rest of the lane should be taking care of oncoming enemies. You will be able to equip the lanes with arrow carts, barricades, and Golem suites.  These are built via repair hammers found at the start and end of each lane.  In addition to regular mobs that spawn in the lanes, you’ll be faced with champion Marionette mobs.  These will run through your barricades and must be taken down quickly.

Each lane gets to phase 2, but it goes in order.  Lane 1 gets it first, followed by lane 2, followed by lane 3, etc… etc…

Phase 2

Phase 2 occurs when the red magical gate turns green.  Players will pass through it and have to fight a Marionette boss on a circular platform.  This champion must be defeated in order to sever a chain.  While you’re fighting, the giant Twisted Marionette will telegraph attacks onto your play space.  Dodge these at all costs as they are severely deadly.  Once you defeat the marionette boss, the power regulator becomes attack able.  Destroy it before time runs out or face a giant laser beam of death that will kill everyone in the area at the end of the event.