Rival Kingdoms: Foreveil




The backstory will display “Obtain Mastery Stars to unlock more backstory!” You obtain mastery stars by using the ancient as your magical powerhouse during battles. You must win for it to count as a win.
The backstory for the ice dragon ancient Foreveil is as follows.

Foreveil was the eldest son of the leader of the Snow Leopard Clan, one of the many clans that filled the icy realm he was born into.

He was an accomplished warrior and unbeaten for many years, until he met his match in a young female warrior from the Ice Bear Clan, who bested at the annual clan games.

Foreveil became enraptured by Birna, and she by him. It was not long before the two warriors fell in love and become betrothed by one another.

But the union of two such powerful clans did not please everyone.

On the their wedding night, a witch doctor from the White Eagle clan cursed the lovers to never be together. The resulting curse caused Foreveil to mutate into a huge dragon, disrupting the wedding celebrations and bring the Ice Bear and Snow Leopard clans to the brink of war.

In order to prevent this Birna attempted to kill herself and Foreveil in the hopes that they would be together in the afterlife. However, the curse was a powerful one, stronger than death itself.


(Please leave a comment below with what level Foreveil is, along with the duration/strength of each ability.)


Description: Freezes all structures in a large area for ___ seconds.
At level 14 this Freezes all structures in a large area for 4.95 seconds.
Tooltip: Although Birna and Foreveil both mastered high level ice magic.  Foreveil settled on the more defensice incantations.

Ice Elemental

Description: Summons ________.
At level 14 this summons x2 Ice Elementals (Level 4).
Tooltip: Elements are notoriously aggressive.  But none have dared even lift an icy talon against Foreveil.

Frost Shield

Description: Reduces all damage taken to 50% and grants total immunity to Spell Towers equipped with Flash Freeze for _____.
At level 14 this effect has a duration of 9.10 seconds.
Tooltip: Hailing from the frozen wastelands of Harken, Foreveil is resillient to even the harshest of winters.

Dragon Power (Offensive)

Description: Foreveil Sweeps over the base to the target location dealing low damage and causing targets to freeze for ___ seconds.
At level 14 this freezes everything underneath Foreveils path for 2 seconds.



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