Rival Kingdoms: Claymore League!

Patch Notes
Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin Update 22-JUN-2015

  • New Kingdom League after Axe League called the Claymore League.
  • Added 100 and 400 battle stone pack to the resource section of the shop.
  • Now receive a 5,000 pure primus reward for Epic Titan duplicates.
  • Reduced gold, increased primus, and added rare boosts to Treasure Chests.
  • Troop donations modified so that costs directly tied to troop level instead of portal level.


Claymore League Rewards

1st: 800 Rings
2nd: 600 Rings
3rd: 600 Rings and demotion to Axe League
4th: 400 Rings and demotion to Axe League
5th: Demotion to Axe League
6th: Demotion to Axe League