Rival Kingdoms: Banemaw’s Hunt

Banemaw’s Hunt

Banemaw’s Hunt is the campaign mission that players have access to within Rival Kingdoms during the Winter’s Bane Event.  You gain 40 Frost Fangs for completing the first three missions/bases in this campaign.  25 Frost Fangs can be used to purchase special chests.

Week 1: Mon 29 June – Sun 5 July
Week 2: Mon 6 July – Sun 12 July
Week 3: Mon 13 July – Sun 19 July

Week 1: Birna’s Boon chest contents Rare Ancient: Admiral Lee Epic Ancient: Birna 1,000 Ice Primus 50 Rings Battle Boost: Ice Elemental Exclusive Battle Boost: Cold Blood [Epic] Exclusive Battle Boost: Shatter [Legendary] These 2 exclusive Battle Boosts can only be acquired during the Winter’s Bane event, so get them while you can!

Week 2: Banemaw’s Bounty chest contents Rare Ancient: Banemaw.  Legendary Booster: Bloodthirst-Units gain 20% lifesteal, movement speed and attack speed.  Epic Booster: Frost Infusion – Fallen units freeze nearby structures.



The Frozen Altar

Difficulty: Easy

Objective: Fight back the Ruin with the Ancient Banemaw.

Reward: 300 gold


Fable’s Watch

Difficulty: Normal

Objective: Press the attack and prevent the Ruin from creating a foothold in the north.

Reward: 47,000 gold


White Fang Outpost

Difficulty: Normal

Objective: The Ruin’s stronghold in this region will not faill easily.

Reward: 300 gold


Rival Kingdoms: Trickster’s Wake The Arid Desert

Trickster’s Wake The Arid Desert

Trickster’s Wake The Arid Desert is the second campaign mission that players have access to within Rival Kingdoms.  It involves tracking down a trickster (duh!)  At the end of your journey through the desert, you will unlock the Nature based Ancient: Erasmus!


Firebeer Gulch

Difficulty: Easy

Objective: Fight your way through this Stronghold and avoid the local brew.

Reward: 35,000 gold

Suntrap Valley

Difficulty: Easy

Objective: Another Stronghold bewitched by Erasmus.  If you don’t strike first, then they will.

Reward: 37,500 gold

Parched Peak

Difficulty: Normal

Objective: Jal will help you fight back against Erasmus’ powers of confusion and illusion.

Reward: 40,000 gold

The Red Barrens

Difficulty: Hard

Objective: Erasmus’ magic is strong here.  You will face much resistance.

Reward: 45,000 gold

Flame’s Rest

Difficulty: Hard

Objective: We’re gradually catching up to Erasmus.  Soon we will have to face his trickery head-on.

Reward: 60,000 gold

Erasmus’ Stronghold

Difficulty: Impossible

Objective: We’ve finally reached Erasmus.  But can you stand against the deviousness of the Trickster Ancient?

Reward: 80,000 gold

Rival Kingdoms: Tracking Foreveil

Tracking Foreveil

Tracking Foreveil is the first campaign mission that players have access to within Rival Kingdoms. It has 8 bases for you to conquer. You fight from base to base with the ice dragon “Foreveil” waiting for you at the end. The prize for defeating him? You get to use him in your attacks from that point on. Foreveil is an ice dragon Ancient. You can learn more about Foreveil’s backstory and strategy when using him here.


“Tracking Foreveil” will become accessible immediately after completing the tutorial.  Just because you can do it right away, doesn’t mean you should.  I recommend that you do not wait to start the Foreveil campaign until your Stronghold is at least level 3.
Practice doing the regular multiplayer map battles before you start the campaign.  It will get you use to how they work and strategies to use against certain layouts.  Additionally, it will get you some sweet gold that you will use to upgrade your troops before starting out.
Join a kingdom.  You can build a kingdom portal and have clan-mates donate troops to make the fights easier.

Use available reinforcements to make it easier as well.  You gain reinforcements through treasure chests.  You get treasure chests after getting multiplayer raiding streaks (Battling without losing).  You get a different chest at a streak of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc…
Foreveil can be used the Dragon on the roost, and as your ancient, making his powers available.
As a common dragon, Foreveil does less damage per second (dps) compared to rare or epic dragons that you will get later on in the game. Use him as a roost dragon if you do not have other options.


Snow Hawk’s Reach

Snow Hawk's ReachDifficulty:  Easy

Objective:  Find Foreveil, the Ice Dragon Ancient, before the Ruin do. This is the start of the quest.

Video:  (Coming Soon…)

Chillspine Peak

Chillspine PeakDifficulty:  Easy

Objective:  The Ruin have converted another Stronghold to their side. Destroy it! This is a training stronghold and designed to show how basic defences work.

Video:  (Coming Soon…)


WinterheartDifficulty:  Easy

Objective: No time to rest. Commander. Another base has fallen to the Ruin. Eradicate them all! This base is mildly harder than the previous one. It is recommended that you have practiced battling via the normal “Battle” mode before attempting this base.

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The Frozen Barricade

The Frozen Barricade

Difficulty:  Easy

Objective:  With Birna’s help we can breach the walls of this Stronghold. This is the firs

t time you will encounter Birna, who is also an

Ice Ancients and can be found inside Ancient and Relic Chests. Birna joins you in the quest to hunt down Foreveil.

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Endless White Glade

Endless White GladeDifficulty:  Easy

Objective:  This place was probably very beautiful before the Ruin invaded. This is simply another base to take out.

Snow Leopard Outpost

Snow Leopard OutpostDifficulty:  Easy

Objective:  This will be tough to conquer. Upgrade your Troop Portals to stand a chance. As the description suggested the last few bases requires upgraded troop portal to complete. It is advisable that you have at this point leveled up your Stronghold to level 4.

Ice Bear Lodge

Ice Bear LodgeDifficulty:  Easy

Objective:  One last Ruin Stronghold to destroy before we reach Foreveil. The minimum stronghold level requirement for successful completion of this quest is Stronghold level 4 with upgraded troops.

Foreveil’s Roost

Foreveil’s Roost

Difficulty:  Normal

Objective:  Free Foreveil from the grip of the Ruin.  After a long treck through the icy mountain passes, you finally track Foreveil down in his Den of Ice.  When you find him, he is battling the corruption of Ruin.  Defeat Foreveil, and he will join you in your Ancient collection.  You will be able to use him and his abilities as your ancient of choice, as well as place him in your dragon roost and use him as an actual dragon for future battles!