GW2 Twitchcon Mastery Information

Gliding Mastery

  • One of the raid boss is a huge tongue boss (seen in the raid trailer). There are walls that encircle him. Part of the group split to break off the walls while the rest of the raid engage the boss. After that everyone jump off the platform and glide. Advancements in gliding mastery will allow you to get back to the platform faster.
  • Gliding Mastery is needed in some of the later Heart of Thorns maps and encounter as well so it is advised that you level up this mastery first (according to Mike Z)

Fractal Mastery

  • Unlock additional rewards, new defensive thingies. Play much more important role at higher level fractals in the revised fractal we are introducing with Heart of Thorns.

Gaining Mastery Points

  • Gaining them from adventures at the Silver/Gold tier.
  • Unlock them from specific locations within the Heart of Thorns map.

New Mastery Line

  • New mastery line will be added with the first raid. To unlock this line you will need to go to the raid and kill any boss. You can level this line up via raids or open world but raids give the most XP.
  • Raid boss rewards (including the Mastery XP) are on a weekly lockout so you can’t farm it over and over.