GW2 Elite Specialization Line Unlock Requirement

The new GW2 elite specialization lines will cost exactly 400 Hero points in total to fully unlock, more than the current obtainable hero points, 214.


Quote from Colin of ArenaNet:

It works just like any other training line – except all the skills, traits, skins, abilities, etc. are all inside one full training line that costs 400 points to get everything in the entire line. It costs 60 points to unlock and be able to play as the elite specialization itself.

Currently anyone who has done all the hero points in the world has about half of the entire elite spec line unlocked on day one. Hero challenges in the jungle are worth 10 points each, so you’ll only need to do about 20 hero challenges in the jungle [or via the new WvW system] to have everything related to your elite spec trained.

There are enough hero challenges in the jungle to train your entire elite spec and not do the challenges in core world if you wish – they simply speed you up if you’ve already got them.


And another quote from the forums:

Unlocking your elite spec is a training line in your training panel that costs hero points. You do need to have trained all the existing training lines before you’re allowed to put hero points into your elite spec.If you’ve got all the hero points in the existing game you’ll have enough to train about half the elite specialization training line on launch day. The rest you’ll need to earn in the jungle or via the new system Tyler outlined yesterday from WvW. The number of points to fully train your elite spec is higher than other training lines – but hero challenges in the jungle are worth 10 points each, so it’s not actually as big as it appears.