GW2 HoT Legendary Precursor Information

Legendary Crafting Mastery (Precursor Crafting)

  • This will give you an account bound precursor. The legendary crafting from precursor to legendary step is not being changed.
  • You will need to unlock the Legendary Crafting Mastery line to be able to purchase these volumes that allow you to start off the precursor crafting collections.You need to progress down the Mastery line to able to get the 2nd vol and third vol etc.
  • Start off with a lore based collection. I.e. For Juggernaut, you go to various giants/statues in Tyria and ponder/kneel in front of them. Basically a world tour of the concept of what a Juggernaut is. Finishing this collection will give you Essence of the Colossal and recipes for first tier-The Colossus. This will allow you to craft a not so splendid version of the precursor which automatically unlocks the second collection.
  • 2nd tier of collection require you to collect materials and currencies from Merchants around Tyria. Each Merchant require you to complete a specific task before giving you the material. The first and third collection are the most distinct for each precursor while the second collection is mostly the same concept but require different items. The second collection ensures that there is a proper gold and time value to each of the precursors to maintain their value in the game.
  • Third tier of collection is more thematic based. For Juggernaut you will need to first build an Ooze Terrarium that will house all the oozes you will need to go and collect. From there you need to go and defeat Oozes around the world to collect oozes and combine them into a Chromatic Ooze. Once you have the Chromatic Ooze, you need to feed it various Ooze type beverages and food to grow that Chromatic Ooze. The final step is taking your well fed Chromatc Ooze take damage in various locations within Tyria to train it.
  • Once you finish the collections you can go and craft each tier of the precursors. Essence of the Colossal is obtained from completing the first collection but crafting other tiers require items you can only get by salving the first tier precursor and 2nd tier etc. Each tier of precursor will have unique new skins you can unlock.
  • For crafting the precursors you will need to do various activities like PvP/WvW as you will need Shards of Glory from PvP and Memories of Battle from WvW.
  • Legendary Inscription recipe was shown as well:
    • 10 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust
    • Orichalcum Plated Dowel
    • 10 Elonian Leather Squares

New Legendary Weapons

  • A livestream will be showcasing the new Legendary weapons sometime between now and HoT launch. New Legendaries and their precursors will be account bound. Legendary backpack/armor will also be account bound so you have to play the content to get them.