GW2 Twitchcon Squad UI and WvW Improvements Information

New Squad User Interface

  • Commanders can set squad or raids from the UI (Raids will be talked tomorrow by Crystal Reid)
  • Squad can be set to open join, closed squad, invite only
  • You can see up to 50 squad members.
  • Ready check for squad
  • You can see squad member’s supplies
  • Profession icons will be shown along with their HP bars. Their HP bar will be greyed out if they are far away.
  • Can also create sub-squads and see sub-squad’s total supply.
  • Commanders can broadcast messages to the entire squad or a subsquad
  • Squad UI will be able to be played on beta weekend 3.

WvW Castle Improvements

  • These are unique to Eternal Battlegrounds – Stonemist
  • Cloaking Waters – Spawn a fountain that you can walk in to gain a 2 minute buff that make you invisible. You can go anywhere on the map with this. There is a 2 minute debuff that prevent you from getting it again immediately.
  • Airship Defense – Bombard both inside and outside the castle. Will do 4 rounds around the castle. The bombardment deals around 10k damage and also deal knockdown.
    • You need to hold the castle for at least 2 hrs. It is on the final tier of the castle tactic improvements Has a long cooldown