GW2 New Afterlife For Quaggan, Where is Drooburt?

During Guild Wars 2 Halloween event 2015, you have an achievement: New afterlife for Quaggan.  This achievement requires that you donate 1,000 candy corn to the Quaggan Drooburt.  A question often asked in game is, where is Drooburt?  Well, he is located in Lions arch with all of the other Halloween vendors by the mystic forge/cauldron.

Drooburt's Ghost

The Reward for the achievement is an item that rewards you with 5,000 Karma.

GW2 Elite Specialization Line Unlock Requirement

The new GW2 elite specialization lines will cost exactly 400 Hero points in total to fully unlock, more than the current obtainable hero points, 214.


Quote from Colin of ArenaNet:

It works just like any other training line – except all the skills, traits, skins, abilities, etc. are all inside one full training line that costs 400 points to get everything in the entire line. It costs 60 points to unlock and be able to play as the elite specialization itself.

Currently anyone who has done all the hero points in the world has about half of the entire elite spec line unlocked on day one. Hero challenges in the jungle are worth 10 points each, so you’ll only need to do about 20 hero challenges in the jungle [or via the new WvW system] to have everything related to your elite spec trained.

There are enough hero challenges in the jungle to train your entire elite spec and not do the challenges in core world if you wish – they simply speed you up if you’ve already got them.


And another quote from the forums:

Unlocking your elite spec is a training line in your training panel that costs hero points. You do need to have trained all the existing training lines before you’re allowed to put hero points into your elite spec.If you’ve got all the hero points in the existing game you’ll have enough to train about half the elite specialization training line on launch day. The rest you’ll need to earn in the jungle or via the new system Tyler outlined yesterday from WvW. The number of points to fully train your elite spec is higher than other training lines – but hero challenges in the jungle are worth 10 points each, so it’s not actually as big as it appears.


GW2 Twitchcon Squad UI and WvW Improvements Information

New Squad User Interface

  • Commanders can set squad or raids from the UI (Raids will be talked tomorrow by Crystal Reid)
  • Squad can be set to open join, closed squad, invite only
  • You can see up to 50 squad members.
  • Ready check for squad
  • You can see squad member’s supplies
  • Profession icons will be shown along with their HP bars. Their HP bar will be greyed out if they are far away.
  • Can also create sub-squads and see sub-squad’s total supply.
  • Commanders can broadcast messages to the entire squad or a subsquad
  • Squad UI will be able to be played on beta weekend 3.

WvW Castle Improvements

  • These are unique to Eternal Battlegrounds – Stonemist
  • Cloaking Waters – Spawn a fountain that you can walk in to gain a 2 minute buff that make you invisible. You can go anywhere on the map with this. There is a 2 minute debuff that prevent you from getting it again immediately.
  • Airship Defense – Bombard both inside and outside the castle. Will do 4 rounds around the castle. The bombardment deals around 10k damage and also deal knockdown.
    • You need to hold the castle for at least 2 hrs. It is on the final tier of the castle tactic improvements Has a long cooldown

GW2 Twitchcon Mastery Information

Gliding Mastery

  • One of the raid boss is a huge tongue boss (seen in the raid trailer). There are walls that encircle him. Part of the group split to break off the walls while the rest of the raid engage the boss. After that everyone jump off the platform and glide. Advancements in gliding mastery will allow you to get back to the platform faster.
  • Gliding Mastery is needed in some of the later Heart of Thorns maps and encounter as well so it is advised that you level up this mastery first (according to Mike Z)

Fractal Mastery

  • Unlock additional rewards, new defensive thingies. Play much more important role at higher level fractals in the revised fractal we are introducing with Heart of Thorns.

Gaining Mastery Points

  • Gaining them from adventures at the Silver/Gold tier.
  • Unlock them from specific locations within the Heart of Thorns map.

New Mastery Line

  • New mastery line will be added with the first raid. To unlock this line you will need to go to the raid and kill any boss. You can level this line up via raids or open world but raids give the most XP.
  • Raid boss rewards (including the Mastery XP) are on a weekly lockout so you can’t farm it over and over.

GW2 Mordrem Invasion Event Guide

The Mordrem are invading Brisban Wildlands, Kessex Hills, and Diessa Plateau.  Here is everything you need to know about this weekends meta-event.


Events start on the 30 minute mark and last for a total of 30 minutes, ending at the :00 mark.  Rewards for participation are given out at the end of the 30 minute time frame.  Every hour the Mordrem invade a different zone.

  • 8:30 am PST – Brisban Wildlands
  • 9:30 am PST – Kessex Hills
  • 10:30 am PST – Diessa plateau
  • 11:30 am PST – Break from the madness
  • 12:30 pm PST – The cycle repeats again, starting in Brisban Wildlands

As you complete events within the inaded map, you will get a stacking buff named Invasion Defender.  This buff stacks in intensity each time an event you participated in finishes.  I found it best to jump between events.  I ended up getting a lot of bronze medals, but I stacked my Invasion Defender buff up quickly and to 20+ doing this for the maximum rewards.

Make sure to not log out or change maps while doing the event.  If either of these things happen, you will lose your progress on the Invasion Defender buff.


Reward Distribution

Rewards are awarded at the completion of the 30 minute Invasion window.  Depending on how many stacks of Invasion Defender you got, you will get different levels of completion reward.

There is a daily reward on each map (So 3 total) which contains 20 Mordrem Blooms plus a Vine-Covered Crate, which contains one of ‘Memories of Scarlet Box’ or ‘Arid Dusty Satchel’.

In addition to the bonus per map per day, you get the following reward upon completion of each event regardless of how many times you do it in a day.

  • For 1-4 Stacks of Invasion Defender at completion, you will be awarded 0 Mordrem Blooms.
  • For 5-9 Stacks of Invasion Defender at completion, you will be awarded 5 Mordrem Blooms.
  • For 10-19 Stacks of Invasion Defender at completion, you will be awarded 10 Mordrem Blooms.
  • For 20+ Stacks of Invasion Defender at completion, you will be awarded 15 Mordrem Blooms.

Bloom Exchange Vendor

What do you do once you have all of these blooms?  Why, exchange them for something useful of course!  There is a vendor in each of the invaded zones that will exchange Blooms for useful goods.  They can be found at the following Waypoints.

  • [&BAoAAAA=]  Ikeko Tradecamp Waypoint in Kessex Hills
  • [&BFwAAAA=]  Watchful Source Waypoint in Brisban Wildlands
  • [&BNkAAAA=]  Charrgate Haven Waypoint in Diessa Plateau

List of Rewards is as follows.

5 Blooms + 2s 48c : Case of Sand
10 Blooms + 2s 48c : Essence of Luck
20 Blooms + 25s 4c : [&AgGHEgEAAA==] Memories of Scarlet Box – Contains components for the crafting of spinal blades and items from Scarlet’s assault.
20 Blooms + 25s 4c : [&AgGBEgEAAA==] Arid Dusty Satchel – Contains components for the crafting of Mawdrey and items from the Maguuma Wastes.
25 Blooms + 14s 98c : [&AgF3EgEAAA==] Mysterious Key Pouch – Contains a choice of a Mysterious Blue Key, Mysterious Green Key, or Mysterious Pink Key.
25 Blooms + 25s 4c : [&AgFjTwAAAA==] Unidentified Dye
30 Blooms + 50s : Bage of Rare Gear
75 Blooms + 80s : Toy Miniature Egg
150 Blooms + 3g : Scarlet’s Champions Mini 3-Pack
190 Blooms + 5g : Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa
225 Blooms + 10g : Toxis Gloves Skin
225 Blooms + 10g : Scarlet’s Grasp
225 Blooms + 10g : Toxis Mantle Skin
225 Blooms + 10g : Scarlet’s Spaulders
450 Blooms + 10g : Thoughtless Potion
450 Blooms + 10g : Selfless Potion

Guild Wars 2 The Origins of Madness Achievement Guide

Daily and Meta Achievements 

You can get the Meta achievement by doing the daily achievement to get around doing some of the more difficult meta Achievements.  You need a combination of 11 meta achievements and dallies to finish The Origins of Madness Meta Achievement, which will rewards you with 50 achievement points.

  • Boss Thumper I – Fight either the Twisted Marionette or the Great Jungle Wurm
  • Boss Thumper II – Fight either the Twisted Marionette or the Great Jungle Wurm

Story Content

These achievements involve Scarlet’s Secret Lair, a guide to which you can find on the Scarlet’s Secret Lair Guide page.

The Secret Lair – 1 point

  • Discover Scarlet Briar’s Secret Lair in Lornar’s Pass.  For this to become visible, you must participate in the Twisted Marionette fight in Lornar’s Pass at least once in order to update your living world tracker for the story missions.  More info can be found in the Scarlet’s Secret lair Guide.

Energy Probe Defender Slayer – 8 points

  • Defeat 50 energy-probe defenders.

Energy Probe Dismantler – 5 points

  • Destroy energy probes in 5 different maps.

Twisted Marionette Fight

These achievements are related to the Twisted marionette fight.  It is impossible to get all of these in one go, so be prepared to do this event multiple times until you can get them all.

Marionette Defender – 10 points

  • Participate in each of the 5 marionette portal defense events.
  • This is the easiest achievement to get, all you need to do is get event credit in all 5 lanes.  Just jump into a different lane in each of your visits to this fight.

Marionette Deregulator – 10 points

This achievement revolves around killing each of the 5 different Marionette Champions on the platforms during phase 2.  In order to get this achievement, All 5 of the Marionette’s must die within a given attempt at the boss.

Phase 2 Marionette Ability Dodging Achievements

The following Achievements require successful completion of phase 2 in addition to dodging specific attacks from the Marionettes.

Marionette Lightfoot –5 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Stomp Attack

Marionette Sidestepper – 5 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s High Kick Attack

Marionette Short-Circuiter – 5 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Lightning Attack

Marionette Dodger – 10 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Sword Attack

Marionette Muter – 10 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Scream Attack


Marionette Tangler

  • Receive this achievement for successfully killing the Giant Twisted Marionette boss.

Marionette Dismisser

  • After you kill the Giant Twisted Marionette, you must /cheer when the Marionette leaves to be awarded this achievement.

Great Jungle Wurm

Vigil Field Supporter- 5 points

The Great Jungle Wurm fight happens every 2 hours on the hour, (The hours that the Twisted Marionette event is not occurring). There are 3 different Wurm heads to fight in this zone.  You get to them by following one of three Asuran NPC’s at the event start point at Firthside Vigil Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast.  You need to escort each Asuran on a different attempt in order to get credit for all three.  This means three visits to this fight will get you the achievement.

Guild Wars 2 Twisted Marionette Boss Guide

The Twisted Marionette event occurs  in Lornar’s Pass every 2 hours.  You know it’s about to start when a 5-minute timer pops up in the upper right corner of your screen, under the living world event box.  The False River Waypoint is near the event location.


There are 5 different paths, or lanes that must be dealt with in order to be successful.  The players in the map must divide themselves into 5 groups in order to take on the Marionette boss.

The Fight

Each lane has 2 phases.  A tower defense phase, and a mini-boss kill phase.

Phase 1

During the tower defense phase, players must defeat waves of enemies and not let any through to the red barred gates.  If mobs get through the gate, the cannon gets charged.  When it gets full, you fail the event.  Some mobs spawn right next to the gate, so have a few players stand back and guard it.  The rest of the lane should be taking care of oncoming enemies. You will be able to equip the lanes with arrow carts, barricades, and Golem suites.  These are built via repair hammers found at the start and end of each lane.  In addition to regular mobs that spawn in the lanes, you’ll be faced with champion Marionette mobs.  These will run through your barricades and must be taken down quickly.

Each lane gets to phase 2, but it goes in order.  Lane 1 gets it first, followed by lane 2, followed by lane 3, etc… etc…

Phase 2

Phase 2 occurs when the red magical gate turns green.  Players will pass through it and have to fight a Marionette boss on a circular platform.  This champion must be defeated in order to sever a chain.  While you’re fighting, the giant Twisted Marionette will telegraph attacks onto your play space.  Dodge these at all costs as they are severely deadly.  Once you defeat the marionette boss, the power regulator becomes attack able.  Destroy it before time runs out or face a giant laser beam of death that will kill everyone in the area at the end of the event.

Guild Wars 2 Scarlet’s Secret Lair Guide

Scarlet’s Secret Lair

Get started by participating in the Twisted Marionette event up in Lornar’s Pass.  When it’s over, it doesn’t matter if you suceed or fail, You’ll get an update telling you to go to Lions Arch.  You’ll have to go through a brief story instance and you’ll be assigned the job of finding Scarlet’s Secret Lair.

The Twisted Marionette event can be found close to the False River Waypoint and it occurs once every two hours.


To get to Scarlet’s Secret Lair, you must go to Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass and head into the cave.

Energy Probes and Power Core Components

You need 50 Power Core Components in order to make a Power Core.  This power core opens the door to Scarlet’s Secret Lair.

You get 10 power Core Components for discovering the Lair for the first time, so you need to collect 40 more in order to get inside.  To collect these 40, you have a few options.  You need to interact with Energy Probes that are located all over the map.  You then kill the defenders and destroy the Energy Probe to get 1-3 Power Core Components.  They will be marked on your map.  You can find a map of all Energy Probes here.

Code Fragments

Once you have a pull Power Core, you will need to collect code fragments.  There are 5 types in total and you will need to collect 25 of each of these 5 types.  Once you do, you will be able to create a cypher that you’ll use to unlock the box inside of Scarlet’s Secret Lair.  The types are…

  • Watchwork Code Fragment
  • Aetherblade Code Fragment
  • Toxic Code Fragment
  • Molten Code Fragment
  • Scarlet’s Lockbox Code Fragment

There are two main ways to obtain these, and they both involve the Twisted Marionette event.

  1. Do the Twisted Marionette event every 2 hours in Lornar’s Pass.  The champions you see on each of the 5 paths drop the Code Fragments.  You’ll get a lot of Watchwork Code Fragments from this method.
  2. If you fail the Twisted Marionette event, you get a bag of Scarlet’s Spare Keys, where you can pick a key and get 5 code Fragments of that type.


Journal Fragments

Each box you unlock within Scarlet’s Secret Lair will give you a Scarlet Briar Fragment.  Collect all 5 Fragments in order to assemble Scarlet Briar’s Journal.

GW2 The Origins of Madness Patch Information

This patch will be released on January 21st.


Some of the main content features include…

  • A Jungle Worm world boss within Bloodtide Coast.  It will have multiple regrowing heads.  This enemy will be a permanent addition to the game.
  • A Twisted Marionette boss is arriving in Lornar’s Pass.  This enemy is temporary with this itteration of the living world.

More info to come as the date comes closer.

GW2 The NIghtmare is Over Achievement Guide

Nightmare Ender, Nightmare Euthanizer and Nightmare Terminator

There is a separate guide for these that can be found by clicking here.


Aftermath Arachnicide and Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner

Aftermath ArachnicideAftermath Cobweb Cleaner

You will get Aftermath Arachnicide achevement for simply killing the Spider Queen one time.  Once you do, the Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner achievement will unlock.  To get that, you must kill 5 cacoons.  Throughout the fight, players get wrapped up into cacoons.  Get the finishing blow on 5 of these (doesn’t have to be during 1 event) and you’ll get the achievement.


Aftermath Vermicide and Aftermath Shock Wave Jumper

Toxic Wurm Queen Location Aftermath Shock Wave Jumper

You will get Aftermath Vermicide achievement for simply killing the Toxic Wurm Queen one time.  Once you do, the Aftermath Shock Wave Jumper achievement will unlock.  To get that, you must jump over 5 shock-waves as seen below.  Throughout the fight, the Toxic Wurm Queen will spit out shock waves on the floor.  Jump over the tip of the shock-wave to get credit for jumping over one.  I found that the best way to do this is to engage the boss and just stand there shooting something long distance, jumping over them until more people show up.  You can either camp the spawn to do this and get it guaranteed quickly, or try your look while following the zerg.  Try to group up to raise the chances of it shooting at where you are standing.  Jump over them 5 times and you’ll get the achievement.


Aftermath Toxic Counteragent and Aftermath Detoxifier

Toxic Alchemist LocationToxifier

Veteran Toxic AlchemistChampion Toxic Alchemist

You will get Aftermath Toxic Counteragent for simply killing the Toxic Alchemist one time.  Once you do, the Aftermath Detoxifier achievement will unlock.  To get that, you must kill 5 toxifiers.  The toxic Alchemist has 2 phases.  One where he’s a Veteran, and one where he’s a champion.  During the Veteran form, he will periodically disappear and toxifiers will spawn in the play area.  Kill them to count towards the 5 toxifiers you need for the achievement.


Aftermath Treasure Hunter

Tri-Chest Location Tri-Chest

You will get Aftermath Treasure Hunter achievement for simply using the Tricolor keys on the chest 5 times.  If you have a lot of Pristine Toxic spores, that’s the way to buy keys from Majory’s Helper Dee in order to acquire keys.  You will need 45 silver and 30 Pristine Toxic Spore samples per Tricolor key.


Aftermath Cleaner

To get the Aftermath Treasure Hunter achievement, you need to complete 10 events around Viathan Lake in Kessex Hills relating to the Nightmare is Over World Event.  This involves killing the Spider Queen, Toxic Wurm Queen, and Toxic Alchemist a total of 10 times.