Rival Kingdoms: Ancients

A page listing every single ancient within Rival Kingdoms along with their descriptions, abilities, strategy during battle, as well as information for how to obtain them.

Note: If an image is greyed out, it’s not because we don’t have information for them, It just means that we need a new image for that Ancient.  If anyone has one of the greyed out Ancients below, I’d appreciate it if you could send me a screen-capture of the icon on the Ancients page using our contact form.  Thanks!

Nature Ancients


Death Ancients


Fire Ancients

SulricNakhtiEmberclawJal IconKaris Sunstaff

Ice Ancients

ForeveilHegarAdmiral LeeBanemawBirnaSiku

Lightning Ancients
LyrisEssence MasterAegisTalasinAdhira