Guild Wars 2 The Origins of Madness Achievement Guide

Daily and Meta Achievements 

You can get the Meta achievement by doing the daily achievement to get around doing some of the more difficult meta Achievements.  You need a combination of 11 meta achievements and dallies to finish The Origins of Madness Meta Achievement, which will rewards you with 50 achievement points.

  • Boss Thumper I – Fight either the Twisted Marionette or the Great Jungle Wurm
  • Boss Thumper II – Fight either the Twisted Marionette or the Great Jungle Wurm

Story Content

These achievements involve Scarlet’s Secret Lair, a guide to which you can find on the Scarlet’s Secret Lair Guide page.

The Secret Lair – 1 point

  • Discover Scarlet Briar’s Secret Lair in Lornar’s Pass.  For this to become visible, you must participate in the Twisted Marionette fight in Lornar’s Pass at least once in order to update your living world tracker for the story missions.  More info can be found in the Scarlet’s Secret lair Guide.

Energy Probe Defender Slayer – 8 points

  • Defeat 50 energy-probe defenders.

Energy Probe Dismantler – 5 points

  • Destroy energy probes in 5 different maps.

Twisted Marionette Fight

These achievements are related to the Twisted marionette fight.  It is impossible to get all of these in one go, so be prepared to do this event multiple times until you can get them all.

Marionette Defender – 10 points

  • Participate in each of the 5 marionette portal defense events.
  • This is the easiest achievement to get, all you need to do is get event credit in all 5 lanes.  Just jump into a different lane in each of your visits to this fight.

Marionette Deregulator – 10 points

This achievement revolves around killing each of the 5 different Marionette Champions on the platforms during phase 2.  In order to get this achievement, All 5 of the Marionette’s must die within a given attempt at the boss.

Phase 2 Marionette Ability Dodging Achievements

The following Achievements require successful completion of phase 2 in addition to dodging specific attacks from the Marionettes.

Marionette Lightfoot –5 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Stomp Attack

Marionette Sidestepper – 5 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s High Kick Attack

Marionette Short-Circuiter – 5 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Lightning Attack

Marionette Dodger – 10 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Sword Attack

Marionette Muter – 10 points

  • Dodge the Twisted Marionette’s Scream Attack


Marionette Tangler

  • Receive this achievement for successfully killing the Giant Twisted Marionette boss.

Marionette Dismisser

  • After you kill the Giant Twisted Marionette, you must /cheer when the Marionette leaves to be awarded this achievement.

Great Jungle Wurm

Vigil Field Supporter- 5 points

The Great Jungle Wurm fight happens every 2 hours on the hour, (The hours that the Twisted Marionette event is not occurring). There are 3 different Wurm heads to fight in this zone.  You get to them by following one of three Asuran NPC’s at the event start point at Firthside Vigil Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast.  You need to escort each Asuran on a different attempt in order to get credit for all three.  This means three visits to this fight will get you the achievement.