Rival Kingdoms: Winter is Coming…

New announcement on 6/24/2015.  New Campaign Coming soon!!!


The following is a message found in game…

The Northern realm gathers on a chilly winter’s day to await the much anticipated union between Foreveil, the eldest son of the Snow Leopard Clan’s leader, and Birna, the legendary warrior from the Ice Bear Clan.  Upon marriage, these two powerful clans will unite into one royal family.  But just as the ceremonious wedding commences, Forevel receives a chilling shock down his spine.  Is this a sign?

With the Impending alliance between the two largest clans in the region, the north would be ruled by one dominant force.  A rival clan, the Frostwolves, is wary of this imbalance and sends their most powerful witch doctor to place a hex on Foreveil.

As Foreveil recites his sacred vows to his beloved Birna, the witch doctor’s hex comes to fruition.  Foreveil’s fate takes a turn for the worst as he transformes into an ice dragon.  Both Foreveil and Birna have no choice but to flee the lands in hope of finding sanctuary in the frozen wastelands of the north, never to return again…

Years pass…

While hunting in the outskirts of the mountainous Norus region, Birna notices peculiar tracks imprinted in the freshly fallen snow.

Starting next week, journey across Estara in search of the witch doctor, Banemaw, in the Winter’s Bane event!

Week 1: Mon 29 June – Sun 5 July
Week 2: Mon 6 July – Sun 12 July
Week 3: Mon 13 July – Sun 19 July

Week 1: Birna’s Boon chest contents Rare Ancient: Admiral Lee Epic Ancient: Birna 1,000 Ice Primus 50 Rings Battle Boost: Ice Elemental Exclusive Battle Boost: Cold Blood [Epic] Exclusive Battle Boost: Shatter [Legendary] These 2 exclusive Battle Boosts can only be acquired during the Winter’s Bane event, so get them while you can!

Rival Kingdoms: Claymore League!

Patch Notes
Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin Update 22-JUN-2015

  • New Kingdom League after Axe League called the Claymore League.
  • Added 100 and 400 battle stone pack to the resource section of the shop.
  • Now receive a 5,000 pure primus reward for Epic Titan duplicates.
  • Reduced gold, increased primus, and added rare boosts to Treasure Chests.
  • Troop donations modified so that costs directly tied to troop level instead of portal level.


Claymore League Rewards

1st: 800 Rings
2nd: 600 Rings
3rd: 600 Rings and demotion to Axe League
4th: 400 Rings and demotion to Axe League
5th: Demotion to Axe League
6th: Demotion to Axe League


Rival Kingdoms: Weekly Quests!

Weekly Quests

(Latest at the bottom of the list)

Weekly quests have just been introduced to Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin.  The following announcement can be found in game.

Rival Kingdoms Introducing Weekly Quests

A set of Quests will be available each week over the course of the following weeks.  Each set of weekly Quests are themed and have 3 difficulty levels.  Recruit, Veteran, and Heroic.  So weather you are the champion of your kingdom or a rising star in Estara, you will have the chance to win amazing prizes!  Quests are available for one week before they expire, so make sure you take advantage of them.

Quests for Week of 6/8

Rival Kingdoms Weekly Quests 6-8-2015

Recruit Quest: Collect 50 rings from battle.
Reward: 10,000 gold

Veteran Quest: Collect 500 rings from battle.
Reward: 30,000 gold

Heroic Quests: Collect 2,000 rings from battle.
Reward: Rare Ancient Chest

Quests for Week of 6/15: Go for Gold

Go for Gold

This week’s Quests focus on Gold, more specifically, on spending it.  Gold is the quintessential currency in Estara and is used in most day-to-day transactions in your kingdom.  One of the most important applications of Gold is for upgrading your Ancients.  In the fight for Estara, you will encounter various Ancients which will help aid in your fight against teh Ruin.  Not only are Ancients crucial on offense, they also play an important role on defense.  Strategically assign Ancients to your Spell towers to add an elemental effect against enemy invaderrs.  Each Ancient you obtain will have a default starting level of 1.  Use Gold and the appropriate elemental (or pure) Primus to upgrade your Ancients and make them more powerful.  You can obtain Primus from various Chests won from multiplayer battles.

Recruit Quest: Spend 10,000 Gold.
Reward: 10,000 gold

Veteran Quest: Spend 100,000 Gold.
Reward: 30,000 gold

Heroic Quests: Spend 1,000,000 Gold.
Reward: Rare Ancient Chest

Quests for Week of 6/22:

Weekly 6-22

Kingdom Patron: This week’s Quests focus on Kingdom projects.  Kingdom projects unlock specific trade roles that grant amazing perks to your Kingdom members such as stronger defenses and increased gold from raids.  Work together as a team to increase the potency of these roles by donating to Kingdom projects.  Expand your kingdom roster, harden your defenses and improve your raiding efficiency to build your Kingdom from a small town into a conquering empire!

Recruit Quest: Donate 1,000 Gold to Kingdom Projects.
Reward: 10,000 gold

Veteran Quest: Donate 250 Rings to Kingdom Projects.
Reward: 30,000 gold

Heroic Quests: Donate 500 Rings to Kingdom Projects.
Reward: Rare Ancient Chest

Quests for Week of 6/29: For the King!

 Rival Kingdoms Weekly 6-29

This week’s Quests focus on earning Loyalty Points through Kingdom Raids.  Join a Kingdom League and raid each day against other Kingdoms.  During the fight, you and your companions will have the opportunity to attack the fortresses of your rival kingdom, earning Loyalty Points with each victory.  Defeat the enemy King to score bonus points!  Plan your attacks carefully — communication is key!
Win the league and get promoted to a higher League Level where your Kingdom will win even better rewards!

Recruit Quest: Earn 500 Loyalty Points.
Reward: 10,000 gold

Veteran Quest: Earn 2,500 Loyalty Points.
Reward: 30,000 gold

Heroic Quests: Earn 10,000 Loyalty Points.
Reward: Rare Ancient Chest