Rival Kingdoms: Winter is Coming…

New announcement on 6/24/2015.  New Campaign Coming soon!!!


The following is a message found in game…

The Northern realm gathers on a chilly winter’s day to await the much anticipated union between Foreveil, the eldest son of the Snow Leopard Clan’s leader, and Birna, the legendary warrior from the Ice Bear Clan.  Upon marriage, these two powerful clans will unite into one royal family.  But just as the ceremonious wedding commences, Forevel receives a chilling shock down his spine.  Is this a sign?

With the Impending alliance between the two largest clans in the region, the north would be ruled by one dominant force.  A rival clan, the Frostwolves, is wary of this imbalance and sends their most powerful witch doctor to place a hex on Foreveil.

As Foreveil recites his sacred vows to his beloved Birna, the witch doctor’s hex comes to fruition.  Foreveil’s fate takes a turn for the worst as he transformes into an ice dragon.  Both Foreveil and Birna have no choice but to flee the lands in hope of finding sanctuary in the frozen wastelands of the north, never to return again…

Years pass…

While hunting in the outskirts of the mountainous Norus region, Birna notices peculiar tracks imprinted in the freshly fallen snow.

Starting next week, journey across Estara in search of the witch doctor, Banemaw, in the Winter’s Bane event!

Week 1: Mon 29 June – Sun 5 July
Week 2: Mon 6 July – Sun 12 July
Week 3: Mon 13 July – Sun 19 July

Week 1: Birna’s Boon chest contents Rare Ancient: Admiral Lee Epic Ancient: Birna 1,000 Ice Primus 50 Rings Battle Boost: Ice Elemental Exclusive Battle Boost: Cold Blood [Epic] Exclusive Battle Boost: Shatter [Legendary] These 2 exclusive Battle Boosts can only be acquired during the Winter’s Bane event, so get them while you can!