GW2 Heart of Thorns Twitchcon Map Information

  • For the Floor is Lava adventure, it was originally in Verdant Brink but the location we chosed had too low of a ceiling. When we raised the ceiling to enable for more camera view, we discovered there is actually some Itzel village at the top so we had to move that to another location.
  • Leyline Gliding – Leyline energy throughout Maguuma Jungle connecting various areas and platforms. Normal gliding is not good enough to use that energy. As you level up gliding tiers, you will be able to use the updrafts and at the final tier you will be able to use these Leyline, bump you across quickly across these Leyline energies like water skipping.
  • There are jumping puzzles and other hidden contents you can only get to by gliding. There are loot chests that are literally hanging in midair.
  • Verdant Brink has the day/night cycle meta event, the other 3 maps will have some other meta events that result in huge world bosses like Tequatl or Evolved Jungle Wurm.
  • New maps have hubs where unlocking them will unlock to new contents such as jumping puzzles etc.
  • There are some burrowing chickens hidden somewhere..