Rival Kingdoms: Banemaw’s Hunt

Banemaw’s Hunt

Banemaw’s Hunt is the campaign mission that players have access to within Rival Kingdoms during the Winter’s Bane Event.  You gain 40 Frost Fangs for completing the first three missions/bases in this campaign.  25 Frost Fangs can be used to purchase special chests.

Week 1: Mon 29 June – Sun 5 July
Week 2: Mon 6 July – Sun 12 July
Week 3: Mon 13 July – Sun 19 July

Week 1: Birna’s Boon chest contents Rare Ancient: Admiral Lee Epic Ancient: Birna 1,000 Ice Primus 50 Rings Battle Boost: Ice Elemental Exclusive Battle Boost: Cold Blood [Epic] Exclusive Battle Boost: Shatter [Legendary] These 2 exclusive Battle Boosts can only be acquired during the Winter’s Bane event, so get them while you can!

Week 2: Banemaw’s Bounty chest contents Rare Ancient: Banemaw.  Legendary Booster: Bloodthirst-Units gain 20% lifesteal, movement speed and attack speed.  Epic Booster: Frost Infusion – Fallen units freeze nearby structures.



The Frozen Altar

Difficulty: Easy

Objective: Fight back the Ruin with the Ancient Banemaw.

Reward: 300 gold


Fable’s Watch

Difficulty: Normal

Objective: Press the attack and prevent the Ruin from creating a foothold in the north.

Reward: 47,000 gold


White Fang Outpost

Difficulty: Normal

Objective: The Ruin’s stronghold in this region will not faill easily.

Reward: 300 gold